Security Compliance – Compliance and regulatory frameworks are sets of guidelines and best practices. Organizations follow these guidelines to meet regulatory requirements, improve processes, strengthen security, and achieve other business objectives, such as becoming a software vendor, or selling cloud solutions to government agencies.

Midwatch works with small to medium size businesses to meet these regulations and to also help identify and manage risk or threats in their IT environment. This is done with the help of security professionals with experience in risk assessments and analysis.

Some of the cybersecurity frameworks are listed here:

ISO-27001 & ISO-27002
NIST 800-171
NIST 800-53
(SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3)

Managed Security Services – Midwatch provides consulting services for companies that need help securing their IT environment. For many companies, the cost of implementing the software and hardware needed to protect against cyber-attacks, malware and data theft can be cost prohibitive. In addition, their IT staff may not have the experience required to manage network security internally.

Midwatch works with a local Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) to help achieve these goals.

These services include:

Managed Security Services
SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operation Center)
Managed Firewall
Network Security
Managed IDS/IPS

Unified Threat Management
Web Application Firewall
Managed Endpoint Protection
Managed SIEM
Managed Detection and Response

Data Backup – If a company experiences a cyber-attack, it is critical the data has been backed up so that you can quickly restore your network. Ransomware is still the number one malware threat. To be able to access your data after an attack, the average ransom last year was over $5600.00.

Midwatch provides backup solutions for your data so that when an attack occurs, you can restore your data and resume your businesses operations. These backup solutions can be both “on-premise” or cloud based. Your network storage can also be monitored for issues and you can be alerted of pending problems before they occur.

Printing and Cost Accounting Solutions. Many companies are challenged with providing print solutions to their employees or quests. Schools, Colleges or Universities are looking for an alternative to Google Cloud Print and serverless printing options.

Midwatch also has deep experience in cost accounting solutions to help track printing costs as well as end point security for network devises.

Document Management – Paper and paper processes are not going away anytime soon. Midwatch can help you design a document management solution that fits your companies needs. From simple folder structure options, to complete workflow and routing applications for Accounts Payable or HR, we can help you design and implement a solution that is tailored to your business requirements.

Project management: We work with companies to make sure their projects run smoothly, on time and on budget. We achieve this by providing a Statement of Work (SOW) to clearly define the solution requirements. After these requirements are met and the applications are installed, tested, and placed into production, we then offer maintenance and support to protect your company’s investment.