5 Top Reasons to work with Midwatch .

1. Vendor agnostic: We look at your specific business requirements and recommend solutions that fits your company’s specific needs and budgets.

2. Several solutions to choose from: Our company recommends solutions from companies that we know are responsive and reliable. There are many vendors to work with, but you need to work with a company who answers your call or email.

3. Cybersecurity professionals: Many companies have a great IT department, but they may not have specific cybersecurity experience.

4. Project management: We work with companies to make sure their projects run smoothly, on time and on budget. We achieve this by providing a Statement of Work (SOW) to clearly define the solution requirements. After these requirements are met and the applications are installed, tested, and placed into production, we then offer maintenance and support to protect your company’s investment.

5. Cost: The cost to setup a SOC (Security Operation Center) and to hire the professionals to run it can be very expensive. It’s all about OPEX vs CAPEX.

The Team

Craig Ratcliff

Craig Ratcliff

Craig lives out in the country and is a livelong motorcyclist and a very average golfer. A veteran of the US Coast Guard, he has an associate degree from St. Petersburg College and CompTIA certifications in IT solutions and technical training.

He has over 30 years of experience working with clients helping them improve their business processes through Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Line of Business Application Integration, End Point Network Security, Cloud Migration, On Premise and Mobile Printing Solutions.